Best of Piedmont: Restaurant Bovio Ristorante (La Morra)

Unexpectedly finding myself in Piedmont for a weekend in March, I toodled around the gentle hills of the region that is known as the Langhe.  I excitedly set out in search of truffles and Barolo, the kings of the region. After a quick stop in the sleepy town of Barolo, I found myself perched on a hill overlooking the snow-capped vineyards below. In the quiet of the winter day, the little town of La Morra, set against a backdrop of the Alps, was the perfect spot to find a bite to eat. I had spied a little restaurant tucked into the hill on the way to the top and pointed my ‘macchina‘ back down to see if I could find lunch at this quiet little spot overlooking the hills of snow.  Sure enough, the little restaurant of Bovio did in fact have a spot for me – albeit next to a waiting table for a reservation of 12.  The views from the patio and dining area are simply spectacular.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was light and happy due to the large party of chatty Italians that began to arrive – old and young mingled as food and wine seemed an endless and effortless flow from the kitchen.  A tiny dog sat under one of the tables occupied next to me and I watched yet another couple swirl, sniff, and chew their ruby red glasses of Barolo.  There are only a few tables in the restaurant and the atmosphere, although a bit stuffy for my tastes, was warm and pleasant. The Bovio family is one of the oldest families in Piedmont and apparently owned a much larger restaurant in the area for many years.  The restaurant serves the classic food of this region.  I settled back in my chair, ordered a glass of Barolo and enjoyed the scenery both outside and in.

I started my meal with an absolutely delicious antipasto of slices of yellow and red peppers stuffed with a tuna mousse, topped with black olives and goat cheese and finished with a drizzle of balsamic reduction. It was difficult to not ‘oooh’ out loud at the wonderful pairing of the creamy tuna with the roasted peppers. I so loved this dish that I am attempting to re-create for our Palm Sunday meal tomorrow – look for the recipe later in the week!

 I then had the veal cutlet with black truffles and balsamic vinegar…….oh my. The veal and truffle combination simply melted in your mouth. Heavenly!!

The service was attentive and unhurried. And although there were only a few tables in the restaurant, they happily seated a table for one (which is certainly not always the case). So if you find yourself in this region, I highly recommend this little delight of a restaurant. The views, service and food are worth the trip!

Bovio Ristorante

Via Alba, 17bis – 12064 La Morra

Tel. 0173 590303



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  1. Tried 3 times, excellent.

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