‘A tavola non s’invecchia’: At the table, one does not grow old

My mom (2nd from left) and family around the table

There is an old Italian saying – ‘A tavola non s’invecchia’:At the table, one does not grow old.’ A magical saying if ever there was one.

We grew up with the dinner table at the center of our Italian American childhood. Holidays meant huge family gatherings where the warmth and magic of good food and drink mingled with the joy of conversation and time spent together. There was usually a kid’s table where we were able to share our own special bond which still exists today. Neighborhood friends and family came and went, stopping for a moment to raise a glass or share a joke. During the week, we ate dinner together as a family each and every evening.  And although the conversation ranged from our daily activities to battles over finishing my second helping of eggplant parmesan, it meant we spent time together as a family. (I do have one confession. My mother was one hell of a cook but she made the worst meatloaf.  On meatloaf night, I would call my friends to see if I could bolt over for dinner. There – I finally admitted it! Sorry Mom!)

As an adult, I still cherish sitting down with family and friends to a meal made with love, allowing the world to slow for a bit; enjoying the simple magic of each other.  As we continue to work on our Tuscan cookbook project (more info here), we are inviting friends who will be contributing to the project to drop by and share their magic.  So pull up a chair, raise a glass and enjoy their upcoming posts as we welcome guests to the table over the next few weeks. Saluti!

Baci, xo



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  1. that is such an amazing photograph! I wonder what liqueur they are pouring… great post! 🙂

    1. Michele Author says:

      Thanks Jeremy – enjoy Italy! Love following along from afar ….safe travels!

  2. Such a lovely website – glad I stumbled across it, keep up the good work- looks like you are living the dream p.s.Phillipsurg NJ is only 30 minutes from my home in Flemington 🙂

    1. Michele Author says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments, Toni! Great to have you following….welcome to our table 🙂 Michele

  3. Good health, abundant love, and friendship to all around the table. Blessings.

  4. Rhonda Myers says:

    Love this sweet touch of Italy

    1. Michele Author says:

      Grazie, Rhonda! Such a sweet and true saying…❤️

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