Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun!

This week’s photo challenge is Sun. I immediately knew which photo to use – one of my favorites from a few summers ago taken during a quick day trip to Elba while I was toodling around the western coast of Italy.  As I sat atop the ferry on the way across the sea to the tiny island, a beautiful flock of seagulls followed the ship, diving and swooping in the draft of the boat.  I remember sharing my seat with a young 20-something Italian headed to Elba for the afternoon to sunbathe. He was a private investigator and he kept me laughing all the way with stories of his sleuthing to document marital transgressions in the name of his clients.  We  shared a quick espresso together when we docked in Elba and off he went to find the sun and I to explore Napoleon’s home of exile.  A picture perfect afternoon that left me wondering if I could somehow figure out how I could get exiled to Elba.

These photo challenges are great fun! It is interesting to see what my fellow bloggers are posting for their day in the sun – you can see some great and creative shots on the Weekly Photo Challenge page as well! Buona giornata!

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  1. love that bird captured with the sun. 🙂 lovely post.

    1. Thanks so much Imelda!

  2. Ciao – nice pick.

    1. Many thanks for the comment!

    1. Grazie, Retiring Sort!

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