“Winter in Tuscany”: Joe’s Cooking Class Menu

menu11“So where are the baby beets?” 

What started as a joke a few years back has now evolved into a regular, if not competitive, activity in our family – that is – printed menus for our family gatherings.  A number of years ago, when hosting one of my first big family feasts, I decided, as a joke, to print menus for each place setting.  In the middle of the main course, my little quiet Aunt Annie glanced at the menu. She turned to me from the other end of the long table and asked rather loudly  ‘So where are the baby beets?” (Ok, so I had not been able to find the baby beets at the market and had to substitute.) I now include at the bottom of each and every menu a little disclaimer – ‘Substitutions permitted.’  I have had numerous requests from friends to post our menus here.  So away we go….

We are all very excited because my brother, Joey, is teaching a 4 part cooking class in Los Angeles.  He has posted a few of his recipes recently and I made his yummy ribollita last eve and will share the recipe later today. (It is waiting for its food photo shoot as we speak!) Joey’s first menu is called “Winter in Tuscany”.  Check out his wonderful recipes by clicking on his little picture over on the side there!  Enjoy….




Tuscan Bean Soup


Arista alla Porchetta

Florentine Roasted Pork

Rapini all’aglio

Sauteed Broccoli Rape with Garlic

Patate Arrosto

Roasted Potatoes


Crostate alle mele

Apple Tart

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