All Saints’ Newcomer Welcome Event – May 22, 2011

All Saints’ Newcomer Welcome

May 22, 2011

A few pictures and recipes

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped with the All Saints’ Newcomer Welcome this past Sunday. What a great time getting to meet so many people! And special thanks to Glynis Horton for arranging and those that helped. And as always, thanks to Steve for hosting and opening up the Rectory to everyone. And thanks to Colleen Dodson Baker for the photos.

A number of people asked me for recipes so I’ve attached a few links to them. Some I just made up so if something’s missing here that you’re interested in, please e-mail me at

Check out more recipes from my sister and me at our food blog at OurItalianTable

Seafood Antipasti

Seafood Antipasto “Boats”
Serve in martini glasses or in individual Endive leaves as a small appetizer
Antipasti di frutti di mare

Roasted Peppers

Roasted Peppers
Just rip the paper bag open that’s described in the recipe and core and seed the peppers on the bag and throw the whole mess away together. Add a little salt, pepper and chopped raw garlic to brighten the taste. Serve as is or on toasts
Roasted Peppers from Michael Chiarello

Crostini Misti (Mixed Crostini)
No limits to you imagination here. I omitted the Prosciutto from the Kale recipe so all three were vegan
Crostini Misti via Mario Batali

Pickled Mushooms
Super easy. Pick thru the Cremini mushrooms at the grocery store to find the smallest ones. I splash in a good amount of white wine vinegar this this recipe to give it more acid.
Pickled mushrooms via Gourmet

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