Memorial Day Weekend 2010 at Mark and Joe’s

Well only I would be crazy enough to organize a Memorial Day weekend BBQ for 20 people 2 days after I had foot surgery and couldn’t walk. But all went well. The company, the Italian inspired food and the drinks were all great and as you would expect, the conversation was lively; going from church-talk to GLEE to rude gossip in split-second shifts. Joe is joined here by Cathy and Steve offering moral support for my recovery.

We listened while Susie and Mary got reacquainted from when Susie was first sick and Mary was at our church the first time around, All Saints’ Beverly Hills (ASBH). Susie remembered that Mary helped her out with very basic day-to-day chores that made all the difference in the world to Susie. Mary also got a chance to see Mark and Joe’s home and garden for the first time. As usual, all the credit went to Mark for his super green thumb.

Kathleen and Hanna talked about their new house in Culver City-adjacent. I can’t wait to see the new place. It was also nice to hear that Cesar Mendez (the most talented painter I’ve ever met) did a good job painting their house.

Meanwhile, Brad and Robert had a chance to catch up. They chatted about Southern cooking, especially grits, baseball and Brad’s strong reluctance to watch another natural child birth video.

Neely, who is baking baby Leroy, was left to fend for herself getting her own non-alcoholic drink. Of course Leroy is not the real baby name since we don’t know if it a boy or a girl, but we have to say that Leroy would be a really really fine name. According to the Social Security Administration baby names website, the name Leroy was the 913th most popular name in 2008!!

Everyone chowed down on the food. The ribs where the biggest hit and given the number of Southerns at the party, that’s quick a complement.

The Italian inspired menu is below. Just click on the recipe name if it has a “*” next to it to go to the actual recipe.

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