Postcard from Tuscany: Rainbows after the Storm


I started out this evening to write a post to accompany this photo that I snapped during my recent trip to Tuscany. I  soon realized that words could not do justice to the amazing sight of these rainbows from my window after an afternoon storm.  They left me speechless then as they do now.  Tuscany in its truest form. So, I leave it you, my friend, to imagine and enjoy…’sogno d’oro’ – dreams of gold……

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  1. Great blog, Michele!

    Vai al cielo per il clima, per l’inferno per la compagnia. Se si desidera che sia, andare in Toscana!

    Felici di avere incontrato voi.


    1. Grazie mille, Pancho! Grazie mille per un classe fantastico!! ci parliamo presto! michela

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