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  1. judith capen says:

    I was sitting next to you when you took this picture! Husband Robert and I asked if the Cafe was a hot spot and you and Joan laughed and said, “Oh, yes! This is the spot!” We sorted the confusion re internet (not) and all agreed this WAS the spot to be.

    We took your advice and hustled to Sant Antimo in time for 12:45 chants and adored church and chants, spending time before and after chanting soaking up ambiance, walking around the church, admiring the ancient olive trees. Home now but cooking fagiole (sp?), eating olives and drinking Montalcino Rosso to extend our Italy time.

    1. Ciao! So glad to hear from you and that you made it to Sant’Antimo – enchanting place! We headed down on Tuesday as well – there is such a peace to the beautiful abbey in the glen. We stayed through the Sagra Festival and guess what – our quartiere, Pianello, won after 23 years!! It was a blast – we joined the parade through town. Great fun.

      Glad you had a good trip and enjoy the Rosso…patiently waiting for my wine to arrive! Good luck planning the destination birthday celebration! A dopo, Michela

  2. Hi Judith and Michele,

    Judith what fun to see that you checked in with Michele via her blog and to hear you headed down to Sant Antimo. We did have fun that morning didn’t we. I am also glad to see you and Michele are doing things to extend your time in Italy mainly Italian cooking. I myself am clinging to my time in Italy watching Italian videos courtesy of Michele “Piazza Mia”, Piazza Mia”, drinking Italian wine, emailing my new Italian friends, looking at the photos over and over and now looking at Michele’s blog to get a variety of Italian fixes. Now I am going to go paint some of the events we experienced while there. A dopo

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