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I was very excited to learn about the WordPress photo challenge from my blogger friend over at My Sardinian Life! Every week, WordPress sends out a theme for the week’s photo challenge. What better way to dust off my gigantic library of Italy photos as well as shoot some with a fresh eye! What fun! So for this week’s theme I chose this photo. It was taken in 2007 while sitting on a balcony in Calabria in Scalea. I had come to Calabria with my brother, Joey, Mark and my dear Aunt Mary. We spent a week toodling around incredible Calabria, first meeting up with some relatives in Scalea. They had given us a delicious bottle of homemade liquidizia, a dark black digestivo that tastes like black licorice. We sat out on the hotel balcony late into the evening, sipping on our new found yummy digestivo and chatted until the moon rose above the palm trees and sparkled through the clouds. Unfortunately, my relatives have since gone but I will always remember that amazing evening and memory. Cin-cin!

(And I am still trying to find liquidizia here in the States! )

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  1. Great photo, and thanks for the mention! I find myself waiting impatiently for the weekly challenge to come live! It’s so much fun! Looking forward to more.

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