Whispers through the valley

Buon giorno, tutti. Once again, I find myself at Cafe Fiaschetteria for my morning cappucino. Yesterday after arriving at Casa Vigneto, I again found myself outside in the waning rays of sun sipping ‘un bicchiere di Brunello’ and listening to the wind whisper across the stunning Sienese valley.

The view of this ‘Plain of Angels’ as it is known continues to take my breath away and I never tire of my time at my little Casa Vigneto, a little house on the hillside nestled amongst Brunello vines. Dearest Enzo who owns the Casa and the vineyard which surrounds it, is busily working the new grape harvest into the magic of Brunello and the aroma of the new wine perfumes the air.

It was the perfect ending for a blessed year as I celebrate a birthday today and consider the possibilities of the year ahead…magical.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Thank you for your lovely blog! Tonight I will preparing Braised Pork in the Black. My mantra has always been “a 95 degree day outside in the garden is better than any day cleaning in an air conditioned house.” However, I can’t say that about the cold–so I like to cook and bake when the temperatures are below 50 F. You recipes sound wonderful and I don’t have to drive into Atlanta to find a grocery that carries some ingredient that I have never heard of.

    1. Ciao Heidi, Thanks so much for the great comments and birthday wishes! Just returned from Montalcino and nice to find your comments. Keep cooking and do not hesitate to send feedback (good or bad!) …ciao!

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