A Seven Fishes Recipe Roundup and Our 2021 Menu 🐠

It’s time for our Seven Fishes Roundup and our Seven Fishes menu for 2021!

As mentioned in my last post, the Seven Fishes feast has become a big deal for me over the years. What started as a formal sit-down dinner with way too many dishes has evolved over the years to a fun seven+ fish buffet (extra fish always permitted!) where friends and family gathered for one or all of the fish. But arrgh, in these darn damn pandemic times, our larger gathering has had to be put on hold again.  We were so hoping that this year would be the year to bring everyone back together again 🥳 – but once again we have been forced to limit our gathering to only family this year 😢.  In the spirit of simpler, we also decided to keep the menu limited to one course at the table so we can leave plenty of time for Dominick the Donkey dance-offs.  (Cousin Lenny, you had better practice up those dance moves! 🕺Mia and I have it down 👯‍♀️)

Also, below are some of our fave Seven Fish-friendly recipes from over the years! (I have to giggle (or cringe) at some of the older photos – eek, good to see our photography skills improving over the years!) We will be posting more fishy recipes in the coming weeks but wanted to whet your appetite with some oldies but goodies.

And in honor of the Seven Fishes, we are doing a Seven Fishes giveaway of all things fishy at Our Italian Table – from a gorgeous fish kitchen linen to Sicilian sea salts to Sicilian fishing boat notecards to a fishy keychain and last but not least, a sparkly wine bag (because it IS the holidays after all!) – head on over to Instagram @OurItalianTable to enter our giveaway. A huge GRAZIE MILLE for all the support his past year! 💛

Happy holidays!


xx Michele & Joey ❤️

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  1. Fedora Cozzi Perullo says:


    Have followed you for a long time and also have purchased your products.

    Love this “Vigilia” menu.
    I cannot, however, access the recipes.
    Even tried to enter them in your “search” .
    ….nothing. can you help?

    Grazie di cuore ~ Buon Natale;

    1. Michele Author says:

      Many thanks, Fedora! The menu itself does not have links (new menu so recipes not on blog yet) but some will be posted before XMAS! However, you should be able to click on the links before the photos in the roundup….are you able to? Grazie!!! Michele

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