Market day in Montalcino

I love Italian market days and Friday is market day in Montalcino. Even the foggy, rainy morning did not keep the locals from climbing the hill to the stalls full of cheese, vegetables, fruits, porchetta, clothing and marinated eel. Having been to this market day in the past, I knew to find my favorite vegetable and fruit seller at the top of the hill near the wall and my favorite flower seller with seeds for my garden in the street nearest the fortress. As I wandered among the stalls, a few locals who are now starting to recognize me gave me a wary ‘buon giorno’. Market day throughout Italy is a time not only to replenish stores but to catch up with neighbors and friends …. Wouldn’t it be great if we adopted this custom in America? Well, back to my cappucino… More later as the festa unfolds here in Montalcino! A dopo…

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  1. I am currently working on paintings from Montalcino to celebrate Italy, your cooking and my dream I had! It was a great time in Montalcino last night even if it was only in my dreams. Thanks for sharing your recipes it keeps me feeling like I’m in the piazza enjoying a yummy meal and wonderful people.

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