The magic of Sagra del Tordo

Some days are just magical…and yesterday was one of those days. The town came alive as the festivities for Sagra unfolded…each quartieri arrived in the Piazza del Popolo as the names of the archers who would be shooting on Sunday were drawn. Then it was off to the practiice shoot ‘Provaccia’ at the Field of Draught. Travaglio, not our Pianello, won the round and all was ready for the festa on Sunday.

Then we were beyond thrilled to help the women of Pianello prepare for the quartieri dinner…. I relived memories of helping in the kitchen at the Italian American Social Club back home as we spread crostini and helped dry dishes in the kitchen. The evening ended with a long dinner with the amazing quartieri of Pianello as the young archers were celebrated with song after song to cheer them to a win today….magical! Viva Pianello!

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