Montalcino Italy and UFOs – When fact is stranger than fiction…


Take a look at the photo above. It’s found in the Church of San Pietro located here in Montalcino, Italy. This artwork, titled “Glorification of the Eucharist”, was painted by a monk in the 1600s.

So what’s that thing in the upper middle being held by Jesus and God? Wait, does that look like – Sputnik? Two antenna (the real Sputnik had four), a camera pointing down and a light shining up? When viewed up close, the surface appears to be made of metal plates held in place by rivets.

Also know as “Sputnik in Paradise”, this painting has baffled art historians for decades. There’s another dozen or so hanging around Tuscany with some UFO reference painted by the same monk. No one has a solid explanation for why the object appears as the center point for this artwork except perhaps as a reference to the church still wrapping it’s head around a non-flat Earth.

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