Montalcino, Italy – Where word of mouth still spreads faster than a Facebook post

Celebrity Master ChefsAs my sister discussed in our last post, we are here in Montalcino to cook for a fundraising event. My sister Michele and I and two of her friends were honored to find the poster shown here plastered all over town. We thought, “Celebrity Master Chefs”? Who us? “It made us very proud indeed!  But then as we walked around town to scout out ingredients for the event, we continued to encounter people who exclaimed ‘Aaaahhh! You are the Celebrity Master Chefs” from America!’ Each one of these encounters got funnier as we looked at each other and burst into ironic laughter. As the day progressed, we began to think — “That’s right, we ARE the celebrity master chefs!’ Authentic “word of mouth” had spread through this small town faster than any social media post could have.

More to come on our big dinner this Saturday.  Off the the local Friday market to continue our shopping!

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  1. Tom Braddock says:

    OMG!!! How funny! So, they went from reticent to letting you participate in the past, to putting you in TOP BILLING!!!! NO PRESSURE THERE!!!!! Jeez -it would be fun to watch (and taste!) the whole process tomorrow!!! Buona fortuna y’all!

    Enjoy! Tom B.

    1. Thanks Tom! It was a complete hoot!! Blog post coming in next few days but what a magical week….A presto, Michele

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